Carbon Audio, a local audio design firm, had created a wireless speaker packed in a silicon tube that clipped conveniently onto a range of Apple devices. They had already made deals with the Apple Store, Target and Best Buy and thousands of Zooka speaker bars were already on a ship bound for the US. But no one had ever heard of Zooka.

We needed to find a way to announce the product’s launch while telling consumers about it’s simple function; it makes your Apple device five times louder.

I wrote the manifesto and co-created this campaign (that ultimately didn't get chosen) with Blakely Dadson:

It's Gonna Get Loud

There’s a tension before something loud happens. The drummer raises his sticks before banging out his epic solo. The crowd watches with anticipation as the ball heads into the goal. The fuse is running low on the firework, milliseconds from igniting the explosives. This is the moment before things get crazy. The moment before hell breaks loose. The moment before loud. And that’s where we’re at now. We’ve just made a speaker that’s wireless, portable, and makes your Apple device five times as loud. Once you clip a Zooka on, your iPad, laptop, and iPhone will never be the same. So take a breath. It’s gonna get loud.