WK.12 Recruitment

One of our last duties before we finish our year at WK.12 is to recruit the class for the following year. Though far from being shrouded in mystery; WK.12 has always seemed like something of a secret society. We're constantly doing work for non-profit organizations and small companies but most people who see our work know nothing about us. We decided to embrace our anonymousness and recruit the next class through a web campaign that revealed all about our 'secret society.' We started with a teaser video that I co-wrote and produced. Watch carefully to see the special cameo appearance by David Kennedy:

The teaser directed viewers to 12iseverywhere.com, where vistors were lead through the tenets of our program.

As vistors read through the site, a passcode was slowly revealed at the top of the page. Once entered into a box, the passcode unlocked a video that I co-directed that gave them application directions.