Very Local Game Show - Boaz.jpg

Very Local Pittsburgh is a new website/media entity in Pittsburgh that was created by Hearst Communication’s digital division. They focus on arts/culture/food with a wide array of amazing articles, videos and neighborhood guides all about the Pittsburgh area. They also plan some very unique local events. They’ve quickly been gaining a rabid local following but they were looking to raise even more awareness. With a background in bike-related projects, Very Local’s Lindsay Patross and Stephanie Brea asked if I had any fun bike-related ideas for something they could do at Pittsburgh’s Open Streets event.

I suggested that we create a bicycle-based game show that engaged event attendees with local trivia and games that changed to reflect the different neighborhoods we visited. They were immediately enthusiastic and asked me to sketch up some ideas.

Very Local Game Show Sketch.jpg

A few weeks after that, the amazing folks at Commonwealth Press started building the Very Local Game Show.

Very Local Game Show.jpg

And by the end of May, we were one of the most popular stops at Open Street’s first event of the summer. I served as host while filmmaker Alden Roth captured the game show in action: