The Duniway

When Hilton decided to rebrand one of its Portland hotels, I worked with the team at Sockeye to give it a new name and identity. As a Portland history buff I was excited to research the area surrounding the hotel, and I came up with a long list of relevant names inspired by local lore. Of all the names on the list one stood out to me, and the nice folks at The Hilton agreed. We chose to honor one of Portland's lesser-known pioneers but one of its most important: Abigail Scott Duniway.

At the age of eighteen, Abigail Scott Duniway followed the Oregon Trail but she was frustrated with what she found in the Northwest. Sure, Oregon was full of opportunities – as long as you were a man.

So Abigail started a weekly newspaper devoted to women’s rights. She disrupted the norm and made enemies (including her brother, who owned a rival paper). Her perseverance set the path for equality in Oregon and in 1912 she became the first woman to register to vote in the county.

I don't know what Abigail would think about having a huge hotel named after her in Portland but I bet she would have loved to stay here after traveling with a wagon train through the Blue Mountains.

If you don’t have time to make a trip out to Portland to experience The Dunaway yourself, here a few articles about the renaming:

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