Simple Bank Manifesto

Simple is a bank but they don't like to call themselves that. Banks are notoriously impersonal and corrupt places with long lines and secret fees. But Simple wanted to do things differently and they wanted a manifesto and tagline that reflected that.


What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve experienced today? A sunrise? A baby taking its first steps? An amazing three-egg omelet?

Why stop there?

We want to beautify one of the things that no one’s ever bothered to. Banking. There’s no reason why a service that everyone uses shouldn’t be smarter, easier and more human. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? That’s why we started Simple.

We’re a team of banking and tech nerds and there’s nothing that excites us more than a challenge.

So we started from scratch, building a banking experience that’s beautiful from beginning to end. Using technology to reinvent banking is beautiful. Giving you control of your money is beautiful. Helping people save for important things and experiences is beautiful. Being available to solve people’s problems is beautiful. Personalization is beautiful. Elegant, purposeful design is beautiful.

Beauty is our measuring stick and it informs everything that we do, because if we make the things we do everyday more beautiful then we can make the world more beautiful.

And a more beautiful world is the kind of world we’d rather be banking in.

Let’s make banking beautiful.