After watching a giant news van drive around Portland one day, I started thinking about whether it might be possible to build a television show into a bicycle. I mentioned the idea to Phil, a bike builder I knew, and he started sketching up plans. So we created the Pedal Powered Talk Show, an internet talk show built into a bicycle that we pedaled across cities, through herds of buffalo and even down class III white water rapids. Since 2012, I've hosted, produced and edited over 60 episodes of the show.

The Pedal Powered Talk Show also ventured into branded content when we partnered with South Dakota Tourism on a series of episodes filmed at Mount Rushmore, Badlands National Park and other popular South Dakota destinations:

The Pedal Powered Talk Show also collaborated with Keen Footwear on a series of "unique" episodes to celebrate the launch of their new "Uneek" shoe:

We also partnered with Visit Seattle for a series of episodes filmed at some of the city's beloved landmarks:

In 2015, a crew from OPB followed us around for a few days and produced this piece about the Pedal Powered Talk Show: