Pedal Powered Talk Show

I was getting interviewed by a lot of TV news stations while traveling on my cross-country Un-Road Trip project and I couldn't help but feel bad when a giant news van would drive miles out of their way to cover my car-free journey. I started thinking about the possibility of integrating a television production into a much smaller and pedal-powered contraption. After a conversation with a cargo bike builder, the idea for the Pedal Powered Talk Show was born. Then I needed to find a way to fund it. I secured a few thousand dollars in sponsorship dollars from Keen Footwear, Nutcase Helmets and Steven Smith Teamaker and within a few weeks I had an operational talk show desk built into a bicycle.

Now in our 5th season, we've produced  interviewed a range of actors and musicians, racked up tens of thousands of hits, got written up on, and we were featured in Willamette Week's Best of Portland issue.

You can learn more about the show at