About & Contact

I was born in Portland, OR when I was zero years old. Since then I've lived in New York, Washington DC, Melbourne, Seattle and Amsterdam (that's where I am now). Along the way I've made films, written plays, been a WK.12'er, performed in jug bands, broken Guinness world records and made advertisements.

While working and freelancing at Wieden+Kennedy, The Great Society, Swift/Possible and Sockeye, I've worked with big brands (Nestle, Adidas, Hilton, Twitter), little ones (The Beaufort Kazoo Museum) and a few others in between.

To learn more about me you can head back to the home page and click through the informative slide show.

You can reach me at boaz.frankel(at)gmail(dot)com or by calling a long Dutch phone number that I haven't yet memorized.